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Learn about the global arms trade and the organizations working to foster transparency, root out corruption and promote a vision for meaningful and sustainable security.

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Tell the EU Parliament: No subsidies for arms research!

Stop the Arms Trade Day of Action

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Join the Movement to End US arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

The US government has approved a 1.15 billion dollar sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, even as the Saudi-led coalition rains bombs down on civilians in Yemen. The US is the single largest purveyor of weapons of war to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having sold them $22.2bn since the launch of the assault on Yemen.  Don’t let arms-makers profit from the death of innocent civilians, including hundreds of children.

CODEPINK is leading a broad coalition to tell the United States Congress to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia.  Learn more and sign up here to Stop the flow of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

If you are in Canada, sign a petition to Prime Minister Trudeau.

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Towards a sustainable approach to security: five levers of change

Corruption Watch UK, World Peace Foundation and Tactical Tech have teamed up to develop Indefensible: 7 Myths About the Global Arms Trade, a book and website due for release in fall 2016. They have identified five essential levers of change necessary to address systemic corruption in the international market for weapons of war.

1. Expose the myths: generate informed public debate

How? See the movie. Encourage others to see the film.
Read The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade.

2. Promote a sustainable approach to security

Military spending is obscured from citizens, and politicians that question spending are accused of jeopardizing national security. Let’s ask: what is the most effective use of public funds to increase sustainable human security?

3. Demand transparency

Question how your government and private corporations engage in security sector assistance and arms deals with foreign countries. Expose the role of arms dealing middlemen, what they are paid and for what work.

4. Demand accountability

Advocate for stepped up enforcement of existing laws. Support whistle blowers.

Raise public awareness around the use of offsets, which are shrouded in secrecy and lead to corruption.

5. Act strategically and in solidarity

We must be strategic at the local level, specific about changes that can take place, and simultaneously act in solidarity to support a worldwide movement.