Book Fundraiser: The Complicity of Arms Makers in Slaughter

Help us write a crucial book on how the West profits from enabling slaughter in Gaza and Yemen

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On the 10th of October 2023, Suleiman Salman al-Najjir returned home from a hospital visit to find that his wife and four of their children had all been murdered in an Israeli airstrike on his house in Gaza.

A few years earlier, and 2000 kilometres away, sixteen members of Mohammed Yehia Muayid’s family were killed in a Saudi-Coalition airstrike on the main food market in the Mastaba district in the Yemeni Hajja governorate, where Mohammed worked. 

The same weapons destroyed their lives.

They were American-made bombs, using guidance systems made by Boeing, dropped from planes built in factories in the West. 

Both families became targets of a system that counts its profits in billions, and its costs in human lives. 

This is the international arms trade. 


Shadow World Investigations specializes in investigating the global arms trade, and the corrupt systems and ideologies that shape it. For far too long an unholy alliance of money, power, and violence has been trying to convince the world that every war is the last war for peace, every civilian death is necessary collateral in the pursuit of human rights, and every weapon sold is bought to make us safe. 

We are asking for your support to write the book that tells the story of how the ongoing slaughter in Gaza and Yemen have exposed this rhetoric as lies. 

The book’s primary author will be Andrew Feinstein, a comrade of Nelson Mandela and former ANC MP, who has written prolifically about the global arms trade, including the definitive “The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade”, also made into an award-winning documentary. We are working on the book with experts in the international arms trade from across the world, and people resisting the impact of these weapons on their lives and the lives of their loved ones in Yemen and Gaza.

While arms companies have billions to spend on lobbying the government, it is much harder to find those willing to fund the type of work we do in holding them accountable for their crimes. That’s why we are asking you for help. However, there is also an immediate life-or-death crisis in both Gaza and Yemen. So we ask you to give only what you can in addition to your support for organizations saving lives in Gaza or Yemen today. 

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