The conflict in Yemen has claimed over 100,000 lives, with over 10,000 innocent civilians dying, often as a consequence of illegal, intentional targeting, according to reports of the UN Expert Panel on Yemen. The World Health Organisation reports that Yemen is enduring the worst humanitarian crisis this century.

While some countries have, to varying degrees, suspended arms sales to the key protagonists, many, including the United State and the United Kingdom, have continued sales unabated. These sales reflect the profound weakness of arms export controls.

We have engaged in campaigning in a number of countries to suspend or end arms sales to protagonists in Yemen, and assisted in legal cases connected to the sale of weapons into the conflict.

We are working on a book on the conflict as the most egregious recent manifestation of the global trade in weapons. It is preliminarily titled “Making a Killing: Who Profits from the War in Yemen?”

We have endorsed a statement on the crisis in Yemen & COVID-19, initiated by Mwatana and the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, alongside 30 signatories. Read the full statement here.