Anna Stavrianakis

Anna is a Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex. She works with members of parliament, NGOs and activists on issues of UK, EU and international arms export controls, and has regularly given evidence to the parliamentary Committees on Arms Export Controls.  Her main research interests are the arms trade, UK arms export policy, international arms transfer control, and militarism. Her first book, Taking Aim at the Arms Trade. NGOs, Global Civil Society and the World Military Order analysed the way that NGOs such as Amnesty International, Oxfam, Saferworld and Campaign Against Arms Trade work for tighter controls on the arms trade. She is the co-editor (with Jan Selby) of Militarism and International Relations: Political Economy, Security, Theory. She is also an Associate Editor at the journal Security Dialogue, which recently published a Special Issue on “Militarism and Security: Dialogue, possibilities and limits”. Anna writes for a wide range of media, most recently a series of articles about UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the war in Yemen; and the UN Arms Trade Treaty, which sets common international standards for the regulation of arms transfers.